New USPS First Class Mail Delivery Times

On October 1, the Postal Service will implement new service standards for First-Class Mail. In an effort to save money the USPS is going to deliver more first class mail by ground routes instead of by air transport. As such they are changing their delivery window from 2-3 days to up to 5 days. Since […]

The price of Wood…

Lumber Prices Skyrocketing

The Price of Wood… Many of you have most likely heard or have seen the memes on Facebook (yes I’m old). The price of lumber has been creeping upwards for a while now, and recently took a very sharp turn upwards. If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen the post where a […]

Production Updates


I know a lot of my customers of wooden flags are anxiously waiting for their purchase wondering why it is taking so long. Unfortunately right now items such as the carved military flags are taking a min of 6 weeks and the 3′ flags are taking even longer at 10+ weeks. Let me say upfront […]

Coronavirus and Production Updates


  ** UPDATE 10/5/2020 ** T-shirts and clothing are back up to normal speed. Decals can be up to 7 days Carved flags are currently 6-8 weeks. Still occasional issues acquiring boards 3′ Flags are currently 10+ weeks Wood shop, I am investing in more tools and expanding space to work on getting caught up […]

New Year, New Items and of course New Shipping Rates


Welcome to the new year, Yea!!! We have lots of plans to add new items and categories to meet your needs. First of all though is the changes that need to be made because of USPS. Like past years we are seeing an increase in postage costs across the board that went into effect January […]