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Production Updates

I know a lot of my customers of wooden flags are anxiously waiting for their purchase wondering why it is taking so long. Unfortunately right now items such as the carved military flags are taking a min of 6 weeks and the 3′ flags are taking even longer at 10+ weeks. Let me say upfront that I’m sorry it is taking so long and I am investing and working to get these times back to normal. That being said I want to be transparent and let you know some of the reasons for the delays.

The number one reason is volume of orders. This year around March orders exploded and made the backlog for the different wooden products quite long and hasn’t really let up since. I am a one person shop with one CNC machine that each product has to go through. I am looking at another CNC machine but the one I am considering does not ship until April.

Another issue, especially for the carved military flags, was covid. Yep covid shutdowns caused interruptions and delays in the supplies. I use a specific pine board for its grain and no knots and it is only available at Lowes. At times it would be a couple weeks until they received new stock and even then finding straight boards was challenging (we all know about lumber from big box stores). At times I would upgrade customers to the poplar boards when I could. Right now the supply has been better and I have found another source of boards, although it is a little different so only when I have to.

Finally there is the weather which has a number of effects. We have had a number of heat waves down here in sunny San Diego which saw temps over 100 for long lengths of time (up to 110 in the shop). For one, I don’t do well in that type of heat, especially in the humid heat waves, so that limits my time in the shop to spurts with cool down times. Even my trusty CNC which normally runs almost 18 hours a day needed some down time during the hottest hours (the router finally went kaput this week and needed replacing). Then there are those nice flat boards I found above: in the dry heat waves they tended to start to warp and did’t always bounce back, making it necessary to go back out looking for more.

And. of course, there is the occasional breakdown, broken bits, and even…. human error.

As mentioned, I have purchased new and upgraded tools to speed up production and increase quality. Also reorganized the shop to improve work flow and try to get things out the door faster. For instance, before it would take almost a week for a 3′ flag; I am now able to glue up 2 a week and working on getting to 3.

So I hope this will explain a bit to all those that have purchased and those still looking to (I hope you still will). I am working hard to get your order out the door as fast as possible in the order it was received. I literally have not taken a day off since last year and will not until production times are back to normal.

If anyone has an order in and has any questions at any time, please feel free to message me. I try to get back to every message within 24 hours.

Thanks, and Stay Safe!

A Note from Jeff’s Wife
He really is working as hard and fast as he can to get these orders to you, and he won’t sacrifice quality. These flags mean too much to the recipients and they deserve the very best. I’ll keep feeding him and taking care of him so he can get your orders to you asap!

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Coronavirus and Production Updates

** UPDATE 10/5/2020 **
T-shirts and clothing are back up to normal speed.

Decals can be up to 7 days

Carved flags are currently 6-8 weeks. Still occasional issues acquiring boards

3′ Flags are currently 10+ weeks

Wood shop, I am investing in more tools and expanding space to work on getting caught up and decreasing production time.

** UPDATE 7/18/2020 **

Cleats are back in stock! T-Shirts and clothing production speeding up, almost back to normal. Catching up on carved flags but 3′ flags are still behind.


** UPDATE 7/10/2020 **

Well wood supplies are getting a little bit better, may even have a new source for the carved flags. But right now the cleat hanging hardware is backordered till the 20th. New orders this shouldn’t be a problem (as I should have them by the time I get to your flag) but for current orders your flag might be held up a bit if you requested cleat hardware. If you are reading this and that is you and you wish to change to D-Ring just send me a message.

** UPDATE 6/18/2020 **

For flag orders, it is becoming an issue to get the pine wood that I use as I believe the stores are having delays on restocking. Also I have received many flag orders this past month or so and I thank everyone for them. This is causing a backup and order processing is stretching to 5-6 weeks right now. Large flags are a bit longer as well up to 8 weeks.

** UPDATE 4/17/2020 **

An update on shipping times from the Post Office

USPS Priority Mail Express: This service will not experience any delays at this time.
USPS Priority Mail: Local 1-day delivery will not experience delays. However, the 2-3 day delivery window will be extended to 3-4 days.
USPS First-Class Package Service: 2-3 day delivery windows will be extended to 3-4 day delivery windows.

** UPDATE 3/25/2020 **

California had Stay At Home orders issued last week. So my Printers for clothing products had to shut down their Los Angeles center but their South Carolina center is still running. So their new stated timeframe is 14-17 business days ( I have seen some come out sooner)

Hello Everyone!

As concerns about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 increase, I wanted to personally reach out to update you on what we I’m doing to keep going during these challenging times. First of all I am in fairly good health (at least as far as the virus is concerned) and being an introvert, rarely venture out anyway unless its for supplies or Starbucks ­čÖé I will solider on in the creation and shipping of your orders.

In regards to all vinyl products, I am pretty stocked up on supplies to keep going for quite awhile. If in need I source from 3 local shops or I can order to have it shipped to me typically with in a couple days.

All clothing items are out sourced and I have not heard of any issues impeding their production. I will keep you updated here if that changes at anytime.

Finally our wood products. As long as wood suppliers keep stocked and open I will venture out to pick up wood as needed.

Last there is of course our shipping carriers. I have spoken to USPS and Fedex and to the best of their knowledge their is no word on them slowing down or stopping deliveries. As long as this holds true your orders will be going out.

The only change I will be making is for local pick ups. I have decided to keep necessary travel down I will be discontinuing local pick ups until further notice. All orders will be shipped and the small price of shipping locally I think will go along way.

I’d like to thank all of those past, present and future clients that trust me to create for them. I hope you all are safe and stay healthy during this situation, and for those that may be affected my family and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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New Year, New Items and of course New Shipping Rates

Welcome to the new year, Yea!!! We have lots of plans to add new items and categories to meet your needs. First of all though is the changes that need to be made because of USPS. Like past years we are seeing an increase in postage costs across the board that went into effect January 26th.

One of the big changes actually happened last year but I absorbed most of it. First class mail was changed, to go along with other postage, to zoned rates instead of a flat rate. Most of the sales here are decals which we ship first class in order to provide you with tracking and other benefits, instead of throwing in an envelope with a stamp.

I could go to calculated shipping for the decals but this would cause you to pay for shipping for every decal and I like, and im sure you do as well, offering all the decals you want for a flat rate. So yes I am going to continue that practice but need to find a rate that is in the middle for all zones rather than increasing prices on decals and making up the cost that way. For now I am going to try $3.35 flat rate on decals and see how that holds up but may have to increase this in the near future.

I am looking in to other options that may decrease shipping rates on all items and if one is found to be viable I will offer it as an option.

As always I appreciate each and every one of you that chooses to purchase from my shop


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New Shipping Choices! Holiday Schedule and Gift Certificates.

New Shipping OptionsHoliday season is upon us and its time to get shopping.

So along those lines we have been working on the site to make it easier to find what you want and get it to you when you need it. For all Vinyl Decals and Water Bottles that are done in house we have added Priority USPS shipping option along with the regular First Class. For all other products that we have printed elsewhere we have added a new shipping calculator so the shipping is based on the items weight and your location instead of a flat rate (saving you money). Along with calculate shipping we have added more options such as FedEx, Priority USPS and FedEx Overnight. All these options should come in handy for you last min shoppers.

But don’t wait to long. All items in ours shop are created on demand when ordered and with the Christmas season demand goes up so lead times get longer. If you check our Holiday Schedule page we try to keep it updated to what the lead time is for products. We also have USPS and FedEx’s shipping deadlines for all shipping methods. So please keep both in mind when you order for Christmas.

Don’t know exactly what that someone special wants? We will soon have our gift certificate program up where you can purchase a gift certificate in any amount to put under the tree and avoid all the shipping rush.

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Newsletter Giveaways

Hey everybody! We have had newsletter sign ups for awhile but never used it until now. Sent the first out today just warning everyone on the list that we will be sending them out now and giving everyone a chance to unsubscribe, although we hope you don’t. In fact we hope if you haven’t signed up yet that you will. Here are some of the benefits of subscribing.

New Products, We don’t want to spam you every┬átime a new product is added (we try to put new items up daily) So we are going to try a weekly digest newsletter letting you know the new products posted during the week. This will only be once a week and only a particular day (haven’t decided yet)

Specials and Sales, Occasionally we will put a category of products, or even the whole site, on sale. In the past I have done that with no notification except a banner at the top of the site. So now I may occasionally send out a quick email letting you know a sale is happening! We do from time to time also have a give away for a particular product where we ask you to Facebook, tweet or share another way to enter and we of course also would like you to know about those.

Speaking of which we do have a giveaway going on here that expires midnight April 16th

Monthly Giveaway, We will be also having a monthly give away (starting May 1st) for a ┬á$20 coupon good towards anything on the site. This is only for subscribers of our newsletter and you don’t have to do anything but be on the list to enter. Once a month we will draw a random subscriber and send them the coupon. Thats it!

So if you haven’t seen the pop up to subscribe yet (wait 15 seconds) then you can sign up here