About Cosmic Frogs Vinyl

Vinyl decals can be applied to: Vehicle Windows, Vehicle Body Surfaces, Toolboxes, Plastic Cups, Surfboards,  iPads, Skateboards, Tablets, Mirrors, Mobile Phones, Laptop Cases, Desktop Computer Towers, Helmets, Hard Hats, Walls, Smooth Painted Surfaces, Store Windows, Plastic Boxes, Lockers, Doors, Laminate Surfaces or just about any surface that is smooth and clean!

Vinyl decals are made with high quality Oracal 651 vinyl which is rated for outdoor exposure for 6-7 years. If you wish your decal as wall art I can use Oracal 631 by request. 631 vinyl has less adhesive and is easier to remove without removing chunks of your drywall.

Vinyl decals are cut to order (I don’t stock). Decals are typically cut and shipped within 2-6 days depending on season and workload. (Most are within 24-48 hours)

Wood Shop Products are all custom created after ordering. I do not stock any items ready to ship.  Expect a minimum of 2 weeks production time for all small items (2′ or less) but this can go up during heavy order times. All large flags 36″ and up will be 3-4 weeks production time but again can be longer during heavy order times. Pleas consider these times if you are ordering for a specific event.

Shipping Shipping varies on the product you order. Decals are a flat $3.35 for any amount of decals you order. All other items are calculated based on weight and where its shipping to. If you need by a certain date please let me know and i’ll do what I can to make that. You also talk to me about rush orders.

If you purchase multiple types of items you may have 2 shipping charges. All Vinyl Decals, Water bottles and Wood Shop items are done in house and would be under one shipment. All other items (clothing, Mugs, etc) are printed and shipped from our printers in CA and NC.

All vinyl decals are shipped sandwiched between thick cardboard and in weather resistant polly mailers. Decals with a side longer than 13″ will be shipped in a mailing tube.

Shipments are made daily Monday-Friday.

Priority Shipping and Rush Orders Upgrading to priority or express shipping is just for the shipping after product is created. It does not move you up in the creating process. If you are looking for your order by a particular date or need a rush order please email me and make the request. Rush orders will be charged an extra fee that is based on the current workload and when you need it by. Rush fees will be invoiced after order is placed and order will not be started till paid.

Returns Due to the custom nature, and that they are created upon ordering, we do not take returns unless we made a mistake in your order. If thats the case we will do what we can to make in right.

See Your Vinyl Decal, Birth to Shipping


Vinyl Colors in stock are shown on each product page as part of the shopping cart choices. I do have access to other colors shown in the chart below. Just ask and I will order that color (may delay order by a couple days)

Vinyl Decal Colors


New ** Vinyl Glitter Colors I’m bringing in glitter vinyl in limited supplies right now, as orders come in and we see where the demand is at we will bring in larger quantities. Till then there might be the occasional delay as we may need to order your color (takes 2-3 days to come in if we do). Glitter is mainly for our gift items (water bottles, tumblers and cups) but will be happy to use on special request for any decal

Cosmic Frogs Vinyl Glitter Vinyl

Heat Transfer Products I’ve started offering heat transfer products. There are so many color options that I wouldnt be able to put them all in a drop down at this time (since no way Im ordering them all now) So please find the color you wish below and but it in the order comments. I can get almost all colors within 24 hours (ill let you know if not)