Glowforge Bed Riser Focus Blocks Magnetic

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This product is meant to be used for the Glowforge laser cutter. These 3d printed riser blocks holds material thicker than .5″ so that it can be engraved on the glowforge. It comes with 3 steps in .5″, 1″ and 1.4″ on the top. I find the lower 2 is all I ever use. A magnet is installed in the bottom so it will stick to the bottom if it is metal (mines aluminum)

IMPORTANT If used with a glowforge you must remove the provided crumb tray.

Thus is for a set of 4 blocks

You are welcome to request a color (all one color) in order comments and I will accommodate if I have that color on hand. If no request you will get the color I have on the machine 🙂

One flat rate shipping no mater how many are ordered!



Made with a high quality 3D printer in plastic at the time of order. Due to the build process of 3D printing being built layer by layer, it is normal for slight surface imperfections to occur.