New USPS Package Fees

Starting Sunday, April 3, 2022 USPS will start applying a new fee to packages that hinder their auto processing called the USPS Non Standard Fee. The USPS Non Standard Fee will be applied to all packages that exceed a certain dimensional threshold and will incur an additional fee in addition to the postage. This goes for all priority, express, and parcel select packages that are not in a flat rate box.

  • Parcels that are longer than 22 inches but less than 30 inches will see a $4.00 surcharge.
  • Parcels that exceed 30 inches in length will incur a $15.00 surcharge.
  • Parcels that measure greater than 2 cubic (3456 cubic inches) feet will also see a $15.00 fee added.
The first one will effect our 22″ carved flags as the ship in a 24″ box and the second one will apply to any 3′ flag for the obvious reason. You can have 2 of the 3 apply. If you have a package that exceeds 30″ and 2 cubic feet you would have a $30 surcharge applied. This is all on top of the normal shipping rates.

I will be working this week to install Fed-Ex and UPS shipping calculators because they have not made any moves like this and that may be the way to go for shipping the larger items.

So when you see your shipping rates jump on your order at least you are aware now that its not me trying to squeeze you for more 🙂 

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