Many of you have most likely heard or have seen the memes on Facebook (yes I’m old). The price of lumber has been creeping upwards for a while now, and recently took a very sharp turn upwards. If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen the post where a single board that I used in making flags went from $35 to $75 in the timeframe of a week!

Many articles have been published pointing to different causes. From covid, which had many widespread effects, to transportation costs, rises in oil and gas prices, West Coast fires, Housing demands and even the DIYers who spent more this past year due to staying at home. All this has combined to make lumber pricing reach record levels.

So that brings us to the point you knew was coming the moment you saw the title of this post. Ive been holding prices and absorbing the increases but I can no longer do that and be in business. So this week you will start to see all wood products prices going up. Ill try to make it painless but also keep in mind that lumber prices have not leveled off so this may not be the last time.

I appreciate everyone that has shopped from my little corner of the internet and hope you will continue to do so.

I have many new things in store for the future that I’m sure you’ll all love!


Lumber Prices Skyrocketing
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